I worked recently on the new InMoov hand (InMoov2 hand). I had stopped a few months ago because my wire connections had something wrong and I had burned the Arduino Nano and one of the motor driver board. Being very buzy in all directions, kinect, legs,Nervo boards, Makerfaires,  I got driven away from it until 3 days ago.

Thanks to Leon and Marten which gave me a set of new Arduino Nano, I could start to work again. ( To remind who are Leon and Marten: they are getting the Nervo boards ready and they came to the Makerfaire Paris and Roma)

So getting back on it, I discovered what I done wrong and finally got the index and thumb working. The script I use gives very simple keyboard fonctions for now , although it took me a very long time to adapt it to my needs., but it is mostly a proof of concept. I’m still stucked though with the thumb actuation. For some reason (unknown) it extends but doesn’t retract. I wonder if the driver I’m using got burned somehow during my previous attempts or if it is a script problem.

Since I gave the InMoov2 hand to Nicolas Huchet last August, I need to get new drivers and new motors to complete my tests. At one point I tested also with extracted servo XT900 boards to replace the drivers but the power needed by the Pololu motors just blew them off at the first torque force given to the finger. Therefor only the index and the thumb rotation are working. Anyway it is a big step, because the Arduino, the motors and the drivers are set and wired within the hand.

The speed is very good and the accuracy of motion is great, the torque is much better than with tendons. The last phalange actuation still remains something to work on, maybe with a retraction spring. It somehow doesn’t extend to it’s full potential. Is it due to the resolution of my printed  parts? I think if I get the parts professionaly printed, it should be much better.

Next, I will replace the Nano by a Bluno board to be able to use the hand with a Myo armband through Bluetooth.

Some pics and a short video.image-2 image-3 image-4 image

This month was our second Makerfaire in Roma since I started the InMoov project. We got there just in time with the airplane to get ready with the robot for the next day opening. No problems with customs.

We were set along with the French Makerfaire team, Barbot, Bertier Luyt and Jean-Baptiste and 3DprinterX tattoo Machine.


Alessandro Didonna was already on the set with his girlfriend, along with Bram Geenen of Wevolver. The location we had was perfect, a huge place with a lot of people passing through, not too much noise, which is good when you talk to the robots.

As planned, there was also Leon and Marten, that had a booth. Unfortunatly they were far away from us, and we only saw each at the end of the days when it was time for Pizza!!!

They had brought their DIY  Gimbal camera stand, a very well made Submarine (1m20) and the second version of the InMoov Nervo boards all ready and soldered to be mounted on the Arduino boards. Alessandro also got a kit. They offered me for my birthday an extra Arduino Mega board!!! Thanks guys!

I bet when the builders are going to see those picture, they are going to ask when are they going to be for sale… Sorry for the delays, but I’m not the only one in the loop on this. :)

20140810_202901 20140810_203215


Alessandro had brought his InMoov robot and was ready to demonstrate his DIY Oculus Rift working along with a accelerometer which could control the head and the arm of the robot. The crowd liked it very much. We also have been able to demonstrate the kinect for the first time in public, although it wasn’t ideal because the kinect skeleton would catch anybody in the crowd, which made it a bit hazardous to work.


We had the surprise to see Leonardo Triassi which had presented his blue and red InMoov last year.

InMoov won 7 blue Makerfaire ribbons in Roma this year!!!!!!!!!

Good TV and Press interviews, still need to wait to see them published.

Check at 1:56 for the interview of Alessandro:

There will be a documentary on Raï Uno.

In NYC check at 3:30 for the interview of Richard Hulskes of WeVolver.

 InMoov is mentionned in the MAKE book about the 3D printing. There is also a English version.
received_10203437724636027 received_10203437723355995

Check the Makerfaire pictures.


At night InMoov can be spooky


First demo of kinect gestures using MyRobotLab  in public with Alessandro



Bram of Wevolver presented the InMoov hand kit as a prototype to see the reaction of people.

77eWFInMoov's playing riidl chest

The InMoov team,  Myrobotlab members (Riidl Chess) and WeVolver meeting Massimo Banzi! From left to right: c Bhavya Gohil, Allen Mendes, Massimo Banzi, Gael Langevin, Aatur Mehta et Bram Geenen.

Massimo+InMoov team


Here are the links to the different parts I modified and updated during this month of October. The bicep and shoulder parts are not easy to replace. It took me a whole day to dismantle my previous version and to install these new parts but it is worth it if you plan to travel with InMoov in airplane like I do all the time.


Although Forrest Higgs had already modified the piston and base for the bicep, I didn’t re-use his posted parts because I realised that extending my original parts, like he did, created unsmooth surface on the piston thread. I did keep his diameter because it is good and sturdy.


The new eye part will help you adjusting the eyes to get them straight and not crossed eyes.
The neck parts are also reinforced and allow a wider up and down range movement.
For the hands it is only the bolts that I slightly modified in length and diameter for the “C” ring.





Hand right:

Hand Left:



I also went to Tour, in France invited for an evening demo/ show by Alexandre Martel of 3Dnatives. I got to test a little bit the Nao Robot, unfortunatly he had the same sound problems as InMoov, when it got crowdy and noisy, he wouldn’t listen either.

IMG_1296 IMG_1290 IMG_1292



And to finish the month of October I was also invited in Rennes (France) for the Opportunités Digital au Champs Libres on a prototype run for Bionico.

During 4 days we worked to get my new designed InMoov prosthetic hand wired correctly  to get it adapted with the Advancer Technologies myo electric sensors. The goal was to make it work on Nicolas Huchet. Unfortunatly Nicolas had forgotten to order the drivers to operate the motors I had selected. But there was so much work to do, it didn’t matter so much.

Anyway it was super interesting to meet all those people and to discuss how to proceed. Since they never had assembled the new hand before, it has been a rather good prototype run experiment from which I made a list of some of the modifications I still need to make before launching it on the web.

Four students of the INSA also had modified and printed one of the Enable hand to make it mechanicaly adaptable to a sholder harness. The result is nice and working. (To be followed)

Participants for the prototype run:

- LabFab -Thomas Meghe, Alexandre Galodé, Corentin Le Bris, Elfrich, PA
- FabLlab Orléans -Filipe Franco-
- INSA de Rennes -4 étudiants- Quentin, Benjamin, Thibault, Julien
- IUT de Rennes -Pascal Yon et 1 élève-
- ISBS Paris -Sebastien Millot-
- FabShop (sous réserve) – Jean Baptiste Le Clech
- Perron Tortay Orthopédie -Aude Roinson-
- Orthofiga -Denis, Dominique Filloneau
- Centre mutualiste de kerpape -Willy Allegre-
- InMoov -Gaël Langevin-

St Petersburg during summer can be very, very nice!!
And so was the Geek Picnic in Russia, with beautiful sunny days and incredibly a lot of people.

InMoov was doing the front cover on the website and flyers:




The environment of the Geek Picnic and the area where we presented the robot was very nice, and we had enough space to move around and make our demonstrations. The only trouble was the sound… I hardly could give voice commands to the robot because we had a sort of disco shop with loud speakers big enough for a Rolling Stones concert.


At the beginning of the day


Before the crowd start

Once more we met Alexander with his Russian InMoov clone. He drove 12 hours from Moscow to come to the event!!!!
Alexander has been re-designing some of the covers of his InMoov as you can see on some of the videos. See also the pictures.


Meeting a robot friend

IMG_3388IMG_3419IMG_3402 IMG_3428

I found this video on Youtube pretty interesting way to film:


We met again Nicolas Huchet with his InMoov prosthetic hand baptised Bionico. During the event we had a conference through which, I offered to Nicolas my latest design prosthetic hand, this way, the FabLab of Rennes will start to work on its programming.

New hand Nicolas1

Giving the new hand to Nicolas

New hand Nicolas3

We had a nice Russian translator

The goal of this is mainly to start something about the programming of the hand so that others can later benefit of it. I am still undecided about releasing the files, because I still think there is work to be done on them. At the same time I have released files about the robot parts that weren’t totally ready, but if I don’t do it at some point, it will always be post-pound because they could always be ameliorated when reworking the design.

Since I came back from Russia, I have been working on setting and designing parts for the robot to have it’s Odroid U3 board and the mini 17″ inch display working together. I really had in mind to go to NYC Makerfaire with that new set up, but once again, lacking of time just didn’t help.

For both, the display and the OdroidU3 cases, I used models found on Thingiverse and I modified them to my needs.




Display case

DSC06999IMG_1310 IMG_1309

I also redesigned the ClaviPiston to a wider diameter. Traveling with robot in planes, and having to disassemble it all the time, I wanted something more sturdy. I could have used the modified bicep pistons posted on Thingiverse by Forrest Higgs but they had little problems within the spirale. Anyway I kept his diameter which seemed fairly strong.

DSC06983 DSC06982


Now comes the time to go to Roma and I’m still not ready for it. Although it works, it’s the 3D printed parts that aren’t done.

It was interesting to see various projects in Russia, US and Italy using the InMoov hand. Talking to their different nationality makers made no difference somehow. The spirit of making is universal.

Here are some pictures:


Modified InMoov hand that worked pretty well


They had done this huge hand


Testing InMoov hand with EEG headset.

inmoov fablab Romagna

inmoov fablab Romagna

inmoov fablab Russia

inmoov fablab Russia



inmoov bionico paris


inmoov Ananya Cleetus


inmoov Roberto Prestoni



At the end of the summer I was going to the Netherlands and I had promised to go and meet Wilco, a Dutch InMoov builder. We spent the afternoon talking and having coffee around his InMoov robot.

Wilco InMoov Netherlands 2014

Wilco InMoov Netherlands 2014

Wilco InMoov Netherlands 2014           1

Wilco InMoov Netherlands 2014

Wilco InMoov Hand Netherlands 2014     4

Wilco InMoov Hand Netherlands 2014


Then I went to New York Makerfaire.

There I met Greg Perry in real for the first time, I was really happy to finally get the opportunity to meet the brain behind MyRobotLab software. We had sometime to hang around the faire and discuss the future among other things. Three days to play talk and be geek.

Greg maybe had enough at the end, I think he was missing his computer and shoutbox a bit…

IMG_1220 IMG_1161

We also meet Kevin Watters and John Stieger, both InMoov robot builders among all kinds of other things.

Bram Geenen and Richard Hulskes from WeVolver came to present the InMoov hand Kit to the public for the forst time.

Hera are some pictures:

IMG_1232 IMG_1154IMG_1223 IMG_1172 IMG_1178 IMG_1234 IMG_1152IMG_1188

The three days past like a blowing wind. It was time to get back home to Paris and get ready for the Roma Makerfaire.

To be followed…




Ok, this is getting a bit too much to handle.
I barely find time to post on the website, I don’t keep up with correspondance. InMoov is taking a bit too much space on my real life.
So please Dear InMoov followers be patient.

So in june we did the Futur en Seine event and we’ve met very interesting people and groups, in fact we have been approached and invited by Dassault Systems, they offer a developpement plateform which could be interesting for InMoov’s futur.

The space at Futur en Seine was extremely loud :) Average 95db and up to 110DB recorded at peaks.
Although I never presented the robot in such a loud place, we did manage an Interview with Clubic.com:
Clubic.com InMoov at Futur en Seine

Here are some pictures of the event on our InMoov Tweeter.


Then we did the First Paris MakerFaire. This was very nice because Alessandro came to Paris with his girlfriend, brother in law and his InMoov robot.
We both had a bit of trouble with our robots, these things happen sometimes. Mine got the mouth servo burned and the Leap Motion hand was out of function.
Alessandro had been printing a lots of parts for his robot with 1 shell setting at 30% infill. And two of his parts delaminated under the arm weight. Fortunatly I could reprint during the night in my workshop and during the day we were surrounded by 3D printers. Thanks to the Fabshop for helping on this.
Alessandro was doing cool demonstrations with kinematic movements and 4 PID eye tracking.
He had made some super T-shirts with the new logo, which we all were very happy to wear. These will be for sale on the InMoov site somewhere in september, if I get some time to organize that.
And above all, we were protected by the Force.

InMoov With the ForceThe force for the appearance

Ale fighterAlessandro, the real Force

InMoov team1The Paris Team

Sherry HussInMoov with Sherry Huss, Vice President at Maker Media, Maker-In-Chief at O’Reilly Media

BerthierInMoov and Berthier Luyt, Le Fabshop, Organizer Makerfaire Paris


During the Makerfaire Paris, Leon and Marten the two guys from Holland that are making the Nervo board came by surprise!!!

I was so amazed to see them suddenly on the booth. Imagine they had to drive 5 hours just to be there for the day and they returned the same night!!

I was glad they could see how the boards and ribbon wires, they had made for me, were finally set up into the robot. By the way these new Nervo boards should be for sale around August for the first batch. We hope so.

They also have been of great help during the day, you can see them testing and interchanging the burned Jaw servo in the video.

I don’t know how this happened but I don’t seem to find pictures of them in my camera but you can see Leon and Marten in the below video made by Vito.

DSC06950Header for servos in the headDSC06942New Nervo Board Version1

DSC06947Nervo Board version1 before set up


A demo video found on Internet:

The video made by Vito, Music by Hu:



One week later, we also went for the Japan expo event, which is a surprising environment. Mangas, books and costumes for everyone. We were invited by the Caliban Association. We had a great time and had the chance to see other Humanoïd robots like Cybedroid and the famous “Robotstudio” with it’s very interesting assembly approach.

The below video is a test we tried to do between Robotstudio and InMoov using recognition gesture and a Kinect. The goal was to give voice commands to InMoov and then let robotstudio, through the kinect, reproduce the gestures.  We had to get InMoov some sort of pants for the kinect to correctly detect the body shape. It was interesting but not obvious for the public. See by your self on the video. Sorry for the very bad quality video:

A video made by Gregoire of the Caliban Association:

KickAssInMoov Avatar

Many robots at the Japan expo:



As I said a few weeks ago on MyRobotLab shout box,

Here is the release of the Stomach Part, so get your printers warm and ready The tuto isn’t ready and I’m not sure I will have the time to do it before September. We will see how I can manage that.

You can find all the parts for Top Stomach on Cubehero

Tutorial is : Here

You need to print:

1 x DiskInternV3 .stl

1 x TStomSpacerV1.stl

1 x TStomRotFrontV1.stl

1 x TStomRotBackV1.stl

1 x TStomPotHolderv1.stl

1 x TStomCovRightV2.stl

1 x TStomCovLeftV2.stl

1 x TStoServoHolsterV2.stl

1 x TStoPistonRightV2.stl

1 x TStoPistonLeftV2.stl

2 x TStoMiddleV1.stl

1 x TStoFrontStandV1.stl

1 x TStoFrontRightV1.stl

1 x TStoFrontLeftV1.stl

1 x TStoBackStandRightV1.stl

1 x TStoBackStandLeftV1.stl

1 x TStoBackRightV1.stl

1 x TStoBackLeftV1.stl

1 x StomGearV2.stl

1 x StoGearAttachV1.stl

1 x ServoBackV1.stl

1 x RollFrontRightV1.stl

1 x RollFrontLeftV1.stl

1 x RollBackRightV1.stl

1 x RollBackLeftV1.stl

1 x DiskUnderV1.stl

4 x DiskExternV2.stl

You will need 2 servos HS805BB which needs to be hacked. Both motor servos will be using only one servo board and one potentiometer, this way both motors will be synchronised when rotating. This will be explained in the tuto.

You will also need (for the fun) 1 Neo Pixel Ring from Adafruit. As for now I’m using an extra Nano Arduino board to control it, but hopefully this will be implemented into MRL and we will be able to connect it to our Mega board.

In the video below I explain some of the functionality of the stomach parts: