Ok, this is getting a bit too much to handle.
I barely find time to post on the website, I don’t keep up with correspondance. InMoov is taking a bit too much space on my real life.
So please Dear InMoov followers be patient.

So in june we did the Futur en Seine event and we’ve met very interesting people and groups, in fact we have been approached and invited by Dassault Systems, they offer a developpement plateform which could be interesting for InMoov’s futur.

The space at Futur en Seine was extremely loud :) Average 95db and up to 110DB recorded at peaks.
Although I never presented the robot in such a loud place, we did manage an Interview with Clubic.com:
Clubic.com InMoov at Futur en Seine

Here are some pictures of the event on our InMoov Tweeter.


Then we did the First Paris MakerFaire. This was very nice because Alessandro came to Paris with his girlfriend, brother in law and his InMoov robot.
We both had a bit of trouble with our robots, these things happen sometimes. Mine got the mouth servo burned and the Leap Motion hand was out of function.
Alessandro had been printing a lots of parts for his robot with 1 shell setting at 30% infill. And two of his parts delaminated under the arm weight. Fortunatly I could reprint during the night in my workshop and during the day we were surrounded by 3D printers. Thanks to the Fabshop for helping on this.
Alessandro was doing cool demonstrations with kinematic movements and 4 PID eye tracking.
He had made some super T-shirts with the new logo, which we all were very happy to wear. These will be for sale on the InMoov site somewhere in september, if I get some time to organize that.
And above all, we were protected by the Force.

InMoov With the ForceThe force for the appearance

Ale fighterAlessandro, the real Force

InMoov team1The Paris Team

Sherry HussInMoov with Sherry Huss, Vice President at Maker Media, Maker-In-Chief at O’Reilly Media

BerthierInMoov and Berthier Luyt, Le Fabshop, Organizer Makerfaire Paris


During the Makerfaire Paris, Leon and Marten the two guys from Holland that are making the Nervo board came by surprise!!!

I was so amazed to see them suddenly on the booth. Imagine they had to drive 5 hours just to be there for the day and they returned the same night!!

I was glad they could see how the boards and ribbon wires, they had made for me, were finally set up into the robot. By the way these new Nervo boards should be for sale around August for the first batch. We hope so.

They also have been of great help during the day, you can see them testing and interchanging the burned Jaw servo in the video.

I don’t know how this happened but I don’t seem to find pictures of them in my camera but you can see Leon and Marten in the below video made by Vito.

DSC06950Header for servos in the headDSC06942New Nervo Board Version1

DSC06947Nervo Board version1 before set up


A demo video found on Internet:

The video made by Vito, Music by Hu:



One week later, we also went for the Japan expo event, which is a surprising environment. Mangas, books and costumes for everyone. We were invited by the Caliban Association. We had a great time and had the chance to see other Humanoïd robots like Cybedroid and the famous “Robotstudio” with it’s very interesting assembly approach.

The below video is a test we tried to do between Robotstudio and InMoov using recognition gesture and a Kinect. The goal was to give voice commands to InMoov and then let robotstudio, through the kinect, reproduce the gestures.  We had to get InMoov some sort of pants for the kinect to correctly detect the body shape. It was interesting but not obvious for the public. See by your self on the video. Sorry for the very bad quality video:

A video made by Gregoire of the Caliban Association:

KickAssInMoov Avatar

Many robots at the Japan expo:



As I said a few weeks ago on MyRobotLab shout box,

Here is the release of the Stomach Part, so get your printers warm and ready The tuto isn’t ready and I’m not sure I will have the time to do it before September. We will see how I can manage that.

You can find all the parts for Top Stomach on Cubehero

Tutorial is : Here

You need to print:

1 x DiskInternV3 .stl

1 x TStomSpacerV1.stl

1 x TStomRotFrontV1.stl

1 x TStomRotBackV1.stl

1 x TStomPotHolderv1.stl

1 x TStomCovRightV2.stl

1 x TStomCovLeftV2.stl

1 x TStoServoHolsterV2.stl

1 x TStoPistonRightV2.stl

1 x TStoPistonLeftV2.stl

2 x TStoMiddleV1.stl

1 x TStoFrontStandV1.stl

1 x TStoFrontRightV1.stl

1 x TStoFrontLeftV1.stl

1 x TStoBackStandRightV1.stl

1 x TStoBackStandLeftV1.stl

1 x TStoBackRightV1.stl

1 x TStoBackLeftV1.stl

1 x StomGearV2.stl

1 x StoGearAttachV1.stl

1 x ServoBackV1.stl

1 x RollFrontRightV1.stl

1 x RollFrontLeftV1.stl

1 x RollBackRightV1.stl

1 x RollBackLeftV1.stl

1 x DiskUnderV1.stl

4 x DiskExternV2.stl

You will need 2 servos HS805BB which needs to be hacked. Both motor servos will be using only one servo board and one potentiometer, this way both motors will be synchronised when rotating. This will be explained in the tuto.

You will also need (for the fun) 1 Neo Pixel Ring from Adafruit. As for now I’m using an extra Nano Arduino board to control it, but hopefully this will be implemented into MRL and we will be able to connect it to our Mega board.

In the video below I explain some of the functionality of the stomach parts:

I have a lot to say but I can’t find time to write this post.

So I will make it short.

I have been busy to a point of no return, hey!

-Working to create a logo for InMoov.

-3D printing the stomach parts, testing, modifying, reprinting and finaly assembling them.

-Organizing what will be coming next on InMoov.

-Searching how to create cheap, fast, reliable actuators to developp the legs.

-Getting the InMoov prosthetic hand to it’s final result.(Not happy yet)

-Getting a serious power servo PCB board done in China with the collaboration of Leon and Marten (NL)

-Organising with WeVolver the future of InMoov as a complete developpement plateform and producing low cost kits.



Here is InMoov with his logo on the NEW stomach parts,



Gael Working on InMoov2

The Logo is fundamental for representing what you mean, and should easy to be applied on most supports. It was a long quest to come up to this one. Me and my family brained stormed during many of our diners to put together this logo.

The Humanoïde fingerprint, at its heart, the Open Source logo. This way robots shall never forget who created them :)

Logo + InMoov



I will be presenting InMoov in Paris at the Futur en Seine event from 12 to 15 june.


And also at the Paris MakerFaire.

Alessandro Didonna will be there also to represente MyRobotLab and his InMoov robot, coming specially from Italy.

Makerfaire paris

Remember Alexander?

I met him in Moscow during the last Geek picnic, well he represented InMoov at the Bal of Robot a huge robotique event in Russia.

Lots of people and medias.

Alexander has redesigned his personal chest for his robot, I’m glad he kept the InMoov logo on it.

Here are some pictures:


10371276_770971449609297_7112651376878493956_oRight reserved

tadsAoX3HYARight reserved

Qa6kYLo89sgRight reserved

Well as some already know we went to Amsterdam for the Arduino day. The event was organized by WeVolver, Richard and Bram, whom I’ve met during the 55 printers world record last year in Utrecht.

It took place on the Overkant in Amsterdam, a rather huge working place, where makers gather to build things. The makers had brought their creations along and of course there was some interesting things to see and to talk about. Arduino was one of the subject. :)

Leon, an InMoov follower, although he hasn’t started to build one, was there and had brought some amazing copters made partly with a 3D printer and avery nice CNC he has recently developped. I also had the occasion to test a self balancing mecanism for cameras which gave me some ideas for the hips rotations.

Using InMoov2.0 in public for the first time was interesting, everything worked well. I really enjoyed to “detach” “attach” the servos from power source through voice commands. The 4PID worked perfect. The “search humans” had a rough time because of too many faces to chose from.
Tracking an object seemed a bit less accurate than before, but all the other commands worked very nicely.

Somehow we are almost ready to jump officially to the new version.  Still missing the “capture Gesture”, which is totally necessary if you want to create your own gestures.


Here are some pictures before the event started.

amsterdam(8)Getting organised.

amsterdam(7)This Lady has taken good care of me, preparing “toasties” for my lunch and coffees. Very nice!

amsterdam(6)Leon on the left side who brought a bunch of Arduino Nano because he had read on the site I had burned mine during tests.


Leon’ s copter.

amsterdam(4)Bram Geenen during the introduction speech.

It was not a big event but I thought it was nice and relaxing  because I had time to speak with people instead of just running InMoov with voice commands.


BUT down south, Alessandro in Italy did the show and had a very full day!

giornale 2

Arduino Day -Taranto- InMoov And MyRobotLab - 1Alessandro Didonna doing tracking on a ball with his InMoov using MyRobotLab service 2.0.

 Loads of people and medias apparently. Go Alessandro, go!

MyRobotLab & InMoov made sensation!



It’s been a while that I’m looking to buy silicon finger tips for my InMoov. But every time they are too thick or too wide. So I decided to make my own.

Since everybody is going to need to have similar silicon finger tips, I designed a mold to be 3D printed for everyone to reproduce. The benefit of it, is that they are perfectly adapted to each finger and thin enough for the sensors to still be reactif,  and last of all,  it gives the hand a very good grip on objects.

Here you can download the parts to create the mold.

Here is the complete tuto about it.






I had made a modification to one of the chest part a while ago, which would let us add a PIR  sensor to InMoov. The PIR sensor detects human or movement presence. It is added to InMoov in the goal to wake him up if somebody enters it’s range of perception.

This will only work with InMoov2.0. But for now I haven’t been able to use it because I think my PIR sensor was definitly TOO cheap. I suggest you get this one from RadioShack, wkinne has used it with success. (see his test on MyRobotLab)

I need to add the pin hardware setting to the default map. But we have chosen pin 28 on the Left Arduino Mega.

You can download the new part called MiddleChest+PIRV1.stl on Cubehero within the chest parts.

You can find a simple script to test it here on your InMoov.